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Sebastian Houben Sebastian Houben
Sebastian Houben received a pre-degree in technomathematics (2007) from the Fachhochschule Aachen and a Diploma degree (Diplom) in mathematics (2009) from the Fernuniversität Hagen. Since October 2010 he is with the Real-Time Computer Vision group at the Insitut für Neuroinformatik. His work covers video-based driver assistance systems and evolutionary optimization theory.
Johannes Stallkamp Johannes Stallkamp
Johannes Stallkamp received his degree (German Diplom) in computer science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (formerly University of Karlsruhe) in 2006. Since 2007, he is a PhD student at the Institut für Neuroinformatik. He is member of Real-Time Computer Vision group, where his research focuses on computer vision algorithms for advanced driver assistance systems. In the course of the IJCNN 2011, Johannes Stallkamp was in charge of organizing the online competition for the GTSRB, the workshop and the final benchmark at the conference site, and supervised a special issue for the Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems on Machine Learning for Traffic Sign Recognition.
Marc Schlipsing Marc Schlipsing
Marc Schlipsing achieved his Master degree in Advanced Methods of Computer Science at Queen Mary College (University of London) in 2006 and his Diploma in Applied Computer Science at the Technical University Dortmund in 2007. Starting his PhD studies at the Institut für Neuroinformatik in 2008 he is now head of the RTCV research group.
Jan Salmen Jan Salmen
Jan Salmen earned his Diploma in computer science from the Technical University Dortmund, Germany, in 2006. Since then, he is a PhD student at the Institut für Neuroinformatik. Since 2009, he is group leader of the research group Real-Time Computer Vision.
Christian Igel Christian Igel
Christian Igel earned his Diploma in Computer Science from the Technical University Dortmund, Germany, in 1997, his doctoral degree from the Bielefeld University, Germany, in 2002, and his habilitation degree from the Ruhr-Universität in 2010. He has been Juniorprofessor for Optimization of Adaptive Systems at the Institut für Neuroinformatik. Since November 2010, Christian Igel is professor with special duties in Machine Learning at the Department of Computer Science (DIKU) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a senior member of the IEEE since 2004, editorial board member of the MIT Press journal Evolutionary Computation, and editor of the Springer Journal Künstliche Intelligenz. He has been reviewer for all major neural network journals and conferences (including IJCNN, ICANN, ESANN, and NIPS).
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